About us

I have decided to make this website so that anyone can follow Peep and Blue's first clutch and so that prospective buyers have a chance to see their baby budgies from hatch to weaning. I also wanted to have a good idea of the homes they are going to so rather than advertise them on craigslist or sell them to a pet store I made this site and the baby application to ensure all my babies go to good, well informed homes.




Reserving Chicks Now taking resevations for Peep and Blue's clutch.

If you are interested in a hand fed hand tame budgie from Peep and Blue's clutch you can fill out the pre-purchase form and I'll add you on the list. I will be taking 12 reservation spots in the chance that their clutch is that big (let's hope not though!). If you have a question please feel free to contact me.

Flock Pictures

For more pictures check out my gallery!


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